Electric Heating Pet Mat

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Keep your furry friend warm this winter with the Electric Heating Pet Mat! This heated mat plugs into 220V to create a warm and cozy spot for your pet to snuggle up in. Available in several fun random patterns, it provides just the perfect amount of comfort for your pup. What are you waiting for? Let your pet relax in style and warmth!


  • Material: Polyester
  • Color/Pattern: Random Delivery
  • Temp. Control: 2 level(low: 30℃, high: 50℃)
  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz
  • Power: 18W
  • Size: (L)X(W)
  • Size 1: 40x40cm /15.75"x15.75"(appr.)
  • Size 2: 60x40cm /23.62"x15.75"(appr.)

  • Soft polyester texture and vivid prints attract pets' attention.
  • Two-speed temperature adjustment (high temperature 50 °C,low temperature 30 °C), can be adjust the temperature level.
  • The heating rate is fast, warm and comfortable.
  • Scratch and bite resistant,not easily damaged, thick and durable.
  • Keep warmer in winter, safe, it is a good choice for pet cats and dogs in winter.
Notice: If you just plug it in, the temperature will not be very high; but if the pet or person is sitting on it, the electric mat will get hotter and hotter.

1. Do not disassemble it;
2. Do not remove the pin;
3. Do not use when wet;
4. It is forbidden to place heavy objects that are impervious to air;
5. Do not wrinkle or fold the wiring area;
6. Do not allow babies and people who cannot live on their own or who are not sensitive to heat!

Package Included:
1 x Electric Heated Pet Mat (excluding other decorations)

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