Pet Electric Blanket Heating Pad

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This is designed to keep your pets warm and comfortable in cold weather. It has adjustable temperature control. High or low temperature control and OFF, it is recommended that you can use high temperature to quickly raise the temperature to the ideal temperature, and then transfer to low temperature to maintain constant temperature.

Features anti-bite tube, overheating safety protection, so our pets can't chew it easily. Surface waterproof PU cloth, thermal fuse overheat protection, safety. The heated dog bed is very suitable for providing extra warmth in winter, and also suitable for chair cushions, foot pads, etc.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: S: about 45*45cm/17.72*17.72 inch, L: about 50*70cm/19.69*27.56 inch
  • Voltage: 110v, 220v
  • Power: S-20w, L-high-level 55W, low-level 28W
  • Gear position: high, low and off three adjustable
  • Temperature: high-level: -50℃ heating zone (for heating when the electric blanket is just turned on)
  • Low-level: -30℃ sleep comfort level (suitable for all night)
  • OFF: power off

Whats included:

  • 1 x Pet Cushion


  • Do not fold when powering on!
  • Please do not scratch the surface of the heating pad with a sharp object!
  • The surface material is waterproof material, which cannot be removed and washed, and it can not be washed in water!

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