Veda Insulated Thermal Cooler Bag

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Our Veda Insulated Thermal Cooler Bag is perfect for your lunchtime needs. With style options ranging from waterproof nylon to canvas to neoprene, it's easy to find the best look that fits your style. Each bag is fully insulated to keep your food safe and fresh, and equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Enjoy lunchtime like never before with the Veda Insulated Thermal Cooler Bag!


  • Material: Non-woven aluminum foil pearl cotton
  • Size:29 x 29 x 23cm
  • Heat time: about 3-4 hours (the more heat the material, the longer the insulation time)
  • Cold time: frozen food or drink, can be cold 4-5 hours,
  • The insulation in the bag will help keep the items colder for longer, as long as the items are already cold, to help keep the items colder we recommend using an ice pack with the item.

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